When it comes to shopping, you still can’t beat the personal touch.


Argos may be going digital, but our stores are here to stay. Having a place where customers can pick up their products in person is what gives us the edge over the online-only retailers. That’s why we have a network of over 840 stores across the country. And why it’s so vital we have the best people working in each one.

Online shopping may bring speed and convenience – but you still can’t beat the personal touch. Whether you’re in an established store, one of our new digital stores or behind the scenes, you’ll make all the difference.


Store Colleagues

Got a passion for providing the best possible customer experience? Then get busy carrying out a whole range of essential tasks. From answering people’s questions to filling in-store displays, you’ll also provide information about all the extra services we’ve got to offer.

Team Leaders

If you love engaging with customers and providing them with the best possible experience, then this is your kind of role. Leading a team of Colleagues, you’ll display your communication skills to the full, as well as showcasing your ability to plan others’ workloads.


Over 50,000 products go in and out of our nine state-of-the-art Distribution Centres on a daily basis. Which means you’re guaranteed a working environment that’s as fast-paced as it is vibrant. And full to the ceiling with opportunities for development.

Store Managers

Argos is an inspirational place to work for Retail Managers. From our new digital stores to our successful Click and Collect within 60 seconds service, we’re giving more to our customers. Your goals? Maximising sales. Increasing profits. And providing a fast and efficient service. Above all, you’ll lead a team in creating an experience that surpasses all of our customers’ expectations. You’ll also have the chance to develop rapidly in a company that’s transforming itself – and the retail sector.

Fast Track Delivery Drivers

This isn’t just a role that delivers products – it’s about being the face of Argos to our customers. So, as well as being vigilant and great behind the wheel, you’ll also need to be customer focused, friendly and calm under pressure.

Clearance Bargains & eBay

As well as our stores, we also have four large outlets where we sell clearance items. These Clearance Bargains outlets are busy and require a range of talents – everyone from Store Managers all the way to Admin Support Coordinators.

Argos has one of the largest eBay shops in the UK. We have three dedicated distribution centres around the country dispatching goods to customers’ homes, as well as a specialist contact centre. From Stock Assistants to Customer Advisors, if you enjoy working with a great team in a fast-paced environment, then this could be the place for you.

Retail Operations

Without the support of Retail Operations, our 840+ network of stores wouldn’t be able to function. It’s as simple and as complex as that. From Surveyors to Product Owners, Marketing Assistants to Store Format Managers, our multi-talented team works behind the scenes to review, refresh and improve the experience we deliver to our customers.

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Put simply, your career in Retail is what you make it. It can travel at a nice steady pace, or it can move incredibly fast. It all depends on you. Although we’ll support you every step of the way, you’re in charge of your own development. There are plenty of amazing opportunities here at Argos – it’s up to you to make the most of them.

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