Our Store Support Centre in Milton Keynes looks normal enough. But step inside, and you’ll discover it’s buzzing with activity. As a business, we’re doing things no-one else in the retail sector is doing. And when you’re transforming this fast, you start to attract the brightest talents. Making this a melting pot of ideas and an inspirational place to develop.


Avebury, our Store Support Centre in Milton Keynes, is where it all happens. It’s here we have teams sourcing new products. Dreaming up marketing campaigns. Building relationships with our business customers. And a whole lot more. It’s also where we house our central support functions: Finance, Talent and Change and so on.


Argos for Business

Argos for Business looks after our commercial customers. Engaging with everyone from small independents to large companies, we encourage them to use Argos for their purchases with discounts, business accounts and other incentives.

We also offer reward schemes so they can incentivise their own people too. One example is the Argos Gift card – a popular way for organisations to say thank you to their employees.

Sales & Account Management

You know who Argos is. But do you know what makes us market leaders? Join us in Argos for Business, and you’ll soon find out. Here – where we help everyone from charities to global corporates save time and money – you’ll find we’re as driven and as ambitious as you are.

Client Support

Based in Avebury’s friendly and vibrant environment, we provide first-rate support to our business-to-business clients. Taking responsibility for coordinating and administrating a wide range of tasks, our work is essential to the smooth functioning of each relationship.


We see HR as a business-critical function. Our teams of specialists, experts in everything from benefits to employee relations, look after our most valuable asset – our people – and help make us the force we are in UK retail. Join us, and you’ll be at the heart of making a range of key transformation initiatives possible.


Quite simply, our Administrative team are the people who keep the wheels turning at Head Office. Providing a full spectrum of support, they deal with everything from organising meetings to arranging business travel – and everything in between. They work closely with the other support teams at Avebury, such as Legal and HR. And, thanks to the sheer size and scope of our operations, you can rest assured that there’ll be lots of opportunities for growth and development in your career.

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Put simply, your career in a Support Centre is what you make it. It can travel at a nice steady pace, or it can move incredibly fast. It all depends on you. Although we’ll support you every step of the way, you’re in charge of your own development. There are plenty of amazing opportunities here at Argos – it’s up to you to make the most of them.

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Great rewards. Proper training. Plus, all the opportunities that come from being part of one of the UK’s biggest retailers. It all stacks up.

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