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Our Finance team is right at the heart of Argos. Embedded in a whole range of functions, they support everything from Trading and Marketing to Distribution and Digital. They’re nothing less than essential for our whole operation.

Whether you’re helping us make the right investment decisions, optimising our cash flows or just providing analytical support, as part of our Finance team, you’ll help shape the future of Argos. And once you’re part of the team, you’ll have endless opportunities to learn and develop. You’ll also find that, in a company our size, there’s plenty of room to progress.

Our Finance roles

Trading Finance Controller: Electricals, Toys, Freetime, Leisure, Entertainment and Core Electricals

With our mission to develop into the leading digital retailer, we need someone who knows the market inside out to lead our Finance team. You’ll use your expertise and business partnering skills to support our Commercial teams in making decisions. There’s no limit to your impact here – with your advice, we’ll be able to identify big opportunities that grow our business and put us a step ahead.

Electricals Finance Analyst

Electricals are a growing part of our business, and that means we need to be switched on to how we can drive our performance even further. As someone who can decipher the numbers, you’ll be able to shed light on how we can close the gaps in our financial performance. Your plans of action will put Electricals in a strong position with an exciting journey ahead.

Gross Margin Assistant Accountant

Being one of the UK’s largest retailers means we have a lot of numbers. To keep thriving, we need to be able to translate them into accurate and insightful financial statements. That means you could be pointing out where we need to improve processes or forecasting where we’ll be next month. By helping us understand everything from sales through to margin, you’ll be instrumental to our success.

Retail Finance Controller

At Argos, our Finance, Commercial and Store teams are always in conversation to make sure they’re doing the best thing for the business. Often working with our Directors, your voice will be key as you advise on how we can achieve our Retail objectives. You could be doing anything from working on budgets and forecasts to supporting exciting new initiatives – all to provide valuable information that will push us forward.

Cash and Central Costs Finance Controller

As you’ll know, a culture of cash understanding and ownership is crucial to a business. And we need someone who’s confident they can develop that at Argos. With your analytical mind, you’ll be able to deliver an accurate cash budget and forecasting process that makes our financial position crystal clear. Any financial irregularity won’t be able to get past you; you’ll have us on top of it all.

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Your career in Finance is what you make it. It’s a huge department with roles across a whole range of specialisms. Where you go is up to you. You can start in one area, move across to another and broaden your experience. Or you can channel your energies into a single area and push yourself as far as you can go there. It’s your career, but whatever you choose, we’ll be there to support you.

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