Supply Chain & Logistics

When it comes to distribution, we’re a team at the top of our game.


Our distribution network is one of the most advanced of its kind. Based on an innovative ‘hub to spoke’ model, it’s helped us to become a digital retail leader by making services like Fast Track a reality. This pioneering service allows our customers to get same day delivery across 20,000 products – an industry first.

Whether you’re part of Warehouse & Distribution, Analytics or any of our other dedicated Supply Chain and Logistics teams, you’ll discover how hard we try to keep improving – by constantly looking out for that next great supplier, that next brilliant idea, that next amazing innovation.


Warehouse & Distribution

Our nine Distribution Centres are some of Europe’s most efficient. There’s no better example than our facility near Burton-on-Trent. Fully automated, it features cutting-edge technology to get the right products our customers at a time that’s right for them.

And it’s not just in Burton-on-Trent: we have warehouses and fleets of vehicles right across the country. It’s a vast and sophisticated network, which relies on a small army of managers, pickers and drivers to make sure our customers get the product they want, where they want, when they want it. Join them and play your part in one of the UK’s biggest retail operations.

Planning & Forecasting

When you have a stockroom filled with over 53,000 different products, it pays to think ahead. Which is exactly what our team in Planning & Forecasting does. Taking into account factors such as seasonal trends, they focus on maintaining inventory at the right levels, helping us reduce our overheads while optimising space on our shelves and in our stockrooms.


Analysing the performance of our digital channels, our Analytics team helps us increase conversion and sales while improving the customer journey. And while their work is data driven, they’re actually very creative – mixing first-rate digital analytics with larger-than-life personalities. If you can’t shop without thinking about ways to enhance the experience, this could be the team for you.


Our team doesn’t just shape our imports supply model – they produce a strategy and development programme that delivers tangible efficiencies. Challenging the status quo with their ideas, each member draws on their project management experience to deliver one complex project after the other.

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Put simply, your career in Supply Chain & Logistics can move very rapidly. With all the innovation we’re introducing to ensure that our customers are getting the very best multi-channel shopping experience from us, there’s big scope to develop fast.


Great rewards. Proper training. Plus, all the opportunities that come from being part of one of the UK’s biggest retailers. It all stacks up.

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