We’re not just changing Argos. We’re changing the way people shop.


Push the boundaries. Embrace new technologies. Be part of the team that’s changing the high street and the way people shop – forever.

That, in a nutshell, is what’s on offer here. Because at Argos, we’re reinventing ourselves as the UK’s leading digital retailer, and investing in digital innovation like never before.

From our Head Office in Milton Keynes to our digital hub in London, we’re building game-changing solutions from the ground up – delivering new features and functionality to millions of customers across multiple online platforms.

For you, it’s a chance to join a unique team. A team that’s winning industry awards. A team that’s growing fast and still feels like a start-up. A team that’s smart, hungry and never afraid to think big.

Our Digital roles

Innovation, Product, Design & Experience

This is where the magic happens. It’s where we dream up that next killer feature, then make it real.

Everything here is geared towards innovation. We work collaboratively, in a fully agile environment. We’re also quick to embrace new standards and frameworks. For example, we’ve recently integrated React, Mesos and Elasticsearch into our workflow.

Little wonder then, we helped Argos win the Multichannel Retailer of the Year Award in 2015. But it’s the scale of our influence that really sets us apart. Argos is now the UK’s second biggest online retailer. Every new feature we deliver is seen and experienced by millions of people.

Digital Marketing, Content & Digital Trading

Online sales now account for over £2billion of our revenue. Join one of these teams, and you’ll use your analytical skills and creativity to help us grow that number.

Digital Marketing is responsible for managing and measuring our digital campaigns. An award-winning team, they analyse Google Adwords, bid on Paid Search advertising, create email content to inspire our customers as well as produce banner campaigns on sites such as eBay and YouTube.

Direct Marketing – Devising and delivering campaigns based on customer data, our Direct Marketing (DM) team aims to connect with our customers – including our 1 million+ store card holders – in the most compelling ways possible. Working closely with our Analytics team, their insight-led approach enables them to produce DM communications that deliver simple yet compelling messages.

Content– as the name suggests – produces all the content that appears on our online channels. Whether the customer is browsing, searching or purchasing, they ensure our copy engages and inspires at every stage of the journey.

Digital Trading looks after our digital shop window. Working across different product categories, they analyse performance and ensure that we’re delivering targeted and intelligent suggestions to customers visiting our website.


As our digital transformation continues, no team has a bigger part to play than Analytics. By analysing our digital channels, they help us improve the customer experience and increase conversion and sales. Although their work is data driven, it’s not all about spreadsheets and reports. They play a big role in enhancing the customer experience, from making it easier to find a TV to displaying personalised product recommendations.

They’re a creative team – mixing top-class digital analytics with infectious personalities. If you can’t shop without thinking about opportunities to improve the experience, you’ll love it here.

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Your career in Digital is what you make it. It’s a huge department with roles across a whole range of specialisms. Where you go is up to you. You can start in one area, move across to another and broaden your experience. Or you can channel your energies into a single area and push yourself as far as you can go there. It’s your career, but whatever you choose, we’ll be there to support you.

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