Buying & Merchandising

How is it that Argos always has that thing you want? Simple. By having an expert team calling the shots.


Few can match the scale and scope of our Buying & Merchandising operation. Every year, this expert team sources tens of thousands of products across a vast range of categories. From Barbie dolls and barbecues to vacuum cleaners and video games, it’s their job to decide what products will be hot next year and how much we should stock.

By kind words – and warm smiles. It made me feel at home.

Operating in a fast-moving multi-channel environment, they’re responsible for managing supplier relationships, forecasting demand, developing our own brands, and so much more.


You won’t just be sourcing and buying product ranges for our customers – you’ll be helping us create them. So, expect to plan our strategy for the next few years, before negotiating the deals that make those plans a reality. If you can spot market trends ahead of our competition – this is the team to join.

As one of the UK’s largest retailers, we spend billions on products and services for our stores. And when you work with that many suppliers – literally thousands, from all around the world – you need quality Assurance Processes that are truly sophisticated. World-class, in fact. That’s where our Commercial Trading Technical and Operations teams come in (below).

When you source over 53,000 products, optimising the availability of our stock becomes paramount. You could be working across any one of hundreds of product lines – from video games to jewellery. What’s certain is that you’ll aim to meet specific sales and profit targets, focusing in on the products that sell best and worst.

Our Technical team looks at every product that’s put before it, ensuring all makers comply not only with all relevant regulations and best practice guidelines, but also our own exacting standards. They carry out a wide range of technical, investigative and quality control tasks, and even contribute to new product development.

Our Operations team oversees all practical quality control tasks and ensures this entire complex process runs like clockwork. They also liaise with our suppliers directly, carrying out factory controls and ensuring that they follow the two golden principles of ‘fit for purpose’ and ‘right first time’.


Put simply, your career in Buying & Merchandising is what you make it. It can travel at a nice steady pace, or it can move incredibly fast. It all depends on you. Although we’ll support you every step of the way, you’re in charge of your own development. There are plenty of amazing opportunities here at Argos – it’s up to you to make the most of them.


Great rewards. Proper training. Plus, all the opportunities that come from being part of one of the UK’s biggest retailers. It all stacks up.

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