Sharmi, Retail

I’ve been at Home Retail Group 22 years now, and it’s been quite a journey. It started out as just a part-time Saturday job at one of Argos’ new branches. I’ve always loved working on new projects because they open up so many opportunities, and that’s definitely what happened there. My line manager saw that I wanted to progress and I soon became Team Leader for the jewellery department. From there things really took off. I was fast-tracked to an Operational Manager role and within a few years I became a Store Manager.

"What’s kept me on are the opportunities"

“It’s probably quite obvious from my career journey: what’s kept me on are the opportunities. Home Retail Group has always encouraged me and helped me develop. Even though I’ve been here for 22 years, I’ve never been at one branch for a particularly long time: my managers have always encouraged me and helped me progress into new roles.”

"I love being able to be creative and innovative"

“Store Manager is definitely the most fulfilling role I’ve had. I love being able to be creative and innovative and make a real difference with my work. One of my proudest achievements is my positive mood boards initiative. It allows customers who are happy with the service they get in-store to tweet us and tell us about their experience. By the end of the first month we had more than 150 tweets on the board!”

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