Sam, Marketing & Creative

Having spent 18 years with DSGi achieving best-in-class displays and creating new store formats, I was interested in bringing my experience and expertise to Argos, which at the time was a catalogue retailer with limited display ambition and few sales floor display solutions.

"Everyone pulls together"

“I also knew someone who worked here and they were a big advocate of the culture within HQ. I’m surrounded by people who want to be the best they can be and achieve results. Everyone pulls together to get the job done. It’s not always easy and we’re often challenged by time and budget, but when it’s the right solution, people really get behind it. It’s amazing what can be achieved.”

"I know I have even more to give"

“I’ve just been promoted to a senior leadership role so my current focus is embedding myself within the business and ensuring that my team is equipped to step up and face the current business challenges with enthusiasm and confidence. I know I have even more to give, so longer term I’ll be challenging myself again and going on the journey to the next level. But it isn’t scary, not at all, because I know there’ll be people around me helping me to succeed.”

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