Chris, Retail

I started at Argos about three years ago. I’d heard it was a good place to work and I thought because it was such a large company, it would probably take good care of its staff. I’m glad to say it lived up to expectations. I’ve been given the chance to get experience in a lot of different areas. Now, although my title is still Stockroom Assistant, my job is really a mix of everything, from office inventory to health and safety management.

"Argos paid for me to get my forklift license"

“When I started I was on a temporary contract, but I’ve come a long way since then. First, I was moved onto a permanent contract, which was a big step for my family and I. Then Argos paid for me to get my forklift license. That was quite an experience because I’d never even driven a car before, let alone a forklift! Then they helped me to get my NVQ in Warehousing. I wasn’t confident to begin with, but they supported me through the process and I could always get advice from my team leaders.”

"There’s still a lot I can learn at Argos"

“I don’t think I’ve peaked yet. I think there’s still a lot I can learn at Argos, and plenty of room for development. My long-term goal is to move into office-based work, because there’s probably the most room for progression there.”

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