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UX Copywriter

We at Argos are looking for a Senior Copywriter - UX Digital

Did you know Argos is the largest UK based online retailer?

With over 60% of transactions going through our website and apps, and 70% of those on mobile devices, Argos is truly a digital first retailer.

Most people in the UK have shopped with us at some point. And most of them will have used one of our digital channels - whether it's, our award-winning apps or the custom-designed tablets in our digital stores. Working at Argos, you'll be helping millions of people to get what they want, when they want it... and hopefully raise a smile in the process.

We may be big on the outside... but on the inside we've worked hard to create a culture that feels just like a start-up. If you work here, you'll get the best of both worlds.

So why should you work for us?

Agile working. Everyone says they do agile... but we do it the proper way. That means you'll work to a roadmap but we flex and change direction as needed. If it's right for our customers, it's right for our business.

Tangible results. You'll get stuff live - a lot. Last year we launched 329 new features on our digital channels. That's an average of 1 feature per working day.

Talented teams. We only hire the best - everyone here is an expert in their discipline. So you can trust and learn from them... and we're getting stronger every day.

Co-located colleagues. To be genuinely collaborative, we all sit together: PMs, UXAs, UIs, Copywriters, UXR... and yes, our Devs & QAs are on site too!

New technology. We're truly tech-driven. That's why we're already investing in future tech trends like AR, conversational commerce, machine learning and AI.

Real ownership. You're the driving force behind your area. And you'll have just the right balance of autonomy and support to make it a success.

In a nutshell

A successful Senior copywriter at Argos...

- Has an exemplary command of the English language and the creative flair to create, adapt and iterate copy for all digital channels.

- Adapts content according to band guidelines, design goals and information architecture, working closely with the design and UX teams.

- Communicates instructional copy in concise, easy-to-understand terms, to engage and encourage the user further down the funnel.

- Creates copy to enhance the user experience and facilitate quick and easy access to information.

- Has a proven track record in content & technical writing for multiple media formats and audiences.

What you'll need


Lead on UI copy to provide an intuitive interface.
A commitment to excellence - advocating innovative copy solution

Be agile

Understand agile digital product development.
Be highly skilled at relationship management, self-development, communication, team working.
Work across multiple teams and projects as required – collaborating with the UXA and product owner to define content and copy needs.
Clearly communicate content development rationale and processes to project team members.
Manage and schedule work across project/streams to ensure all business needs are covered.

TOV docs

Write and edit digital content to the voice, style and tone standards.
Work with internal copywriters to sync and understand processes, working constraints and capabilities.
Own, maintain and define the voice and tone style guide, alongside other copy/brand stakeholders.

Technical - CMS & data

Maintain familiarity with our customers by reviewing call data and regularly participating in customer service listening sessions, sharing UXR information and monitoring NPS/CSAT scores.
Maintain the creative and technical level of ability required to develop, promote/release and maintain the online help, including HTML authoring and working with NT processes.
Liaise with legal teams to ensure all FS copy is compliant.

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