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What can I expect at interview?

The interview will be tailored to the job you’ve applied for. That said, it usually consists of two parts, and can involve a competency-based interview, an assessment event, store familiarisation visits and on-the-job evaluations.

If I don’t get the job, can I apply again?

Yes, but you’ll need to wait until six months after your initial application before you can reapply.

Do you take up employment references?

We do. And please be as honest as possible during the recruitment process – especially if there are any negative issues that may affect your application. To protect our business, everyone who’s offered a job has to undergo a verification process. The checks vary, but if the results don’t match what you’ve told us, we’ll have to withdraw our offer.

Where will I work?

We have over 800 stores across the UK and Republic of Ireland, so check our store locator to find your nearest outlet. Some roles are field-based, and the rest are based at our Head Office in Milton Keynes.

We also have Distribution and Contact Centres in: Heywood, Castleford, Barton, Lutterworth, Basildon, Bridgewater, Mossend, Trafford Park, Widnes, Welwyn Green City, Faverdale and Marsh Leys.

Where can my career go?

If all you want is a rewarding job, that’s fine. But if you’re looking for something more, the scale and diversity of our business means you can go as far as your ambition and talent allow.

Can I get sponsorship for extra qualifications?

You can apply for sponsorship, but only if it’s been agreed as part of your development plan. If it has been, we’ll happily pay course fees, examination fees and membership costs.

What about training and development?

Your training and development will depend on your role, your business area and your level of ability. But be assured that, whether you’re a brand new recruit or a Senior Manager, we’ll invest a lot of time and resources in your future.

And the benefits?

We’re big on benefits, and are always trying to add new and imaginative choices – including discounts and special deals that make a real difference to the lives of our Colleagues and their families.

How often do new opportunities come up?

We usually have new openings to advertise every few days, so it’s well worth checking back on a regular basis.


Great rewards. Proper training. Plus all the opportunities that come from being part of Home Retail Group. It all stacks up.

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