Acting responsibly isn’t just the right thing to do. It makes good business sense, too. We’re proud to be growing fast – but we don’t want to sacrifice the values that are important to us. From developing the digital skills of our customers and Colleagues, to responsible sourcing and our partnerships with charities, we’re working to do things the right way.


At Argos, we all share five key principles:

1. Shopping for tomorrow

Some 10.5 million people in the UK find it difficult to use the internet or send an email. So, as we become a digital retail leader, we’re using our resources to build the online skills of Colleagues and customers alike. Of the 8,000 who’ve taken part so far, 96 per cent have told us that our workshops have helped them in their daily lives.

2. Building a great place to work and shop

We want Argos to be a business that everyone’s proud to work for. With this in mind, we’re ensuring that every Colleague – whether they work five or thirty-five hours a week – has the opportunity to reach their full potential.

OPENdoor, our cloud-based learning management system, is one example of how we’re doing this. Designed to give Colleagues instant updates on their progress in the workplace, it also provides access to a library of 400 online books and thousands of videos.

3. Being a good neighbour

In 2014, we launched the ‘Memories Pendant’ – a sterling silver necklace worn to remember a loved one while displaying support for people with dementia. Designed in alliance with Alzheimer’s Society, it was part of our partnership with the charity, which ultimately raised over £3 million while creating around 7,500 ‘Dementia Friends’.

4. Keeping clean and green

We’re actively reducing the impact our business has on the environment. As part of a major initiative, we’re aiming to minimise the carbon emissions of our operations by up to 40 per cent per square foot by 2020.

Through innovations such as controlled lighting in the stockroom, our revamped digital stores use around 20 per cent less energy than our conventional ones. Plus, we’re the first retailer in the UK to introduce new, ultra-low emission trucks, which are among the quietest and cleanest vehicles on the road.

5. Sourcing with care

As members of the WWF-GFTN (World Wildlife Fund – Global Forest Trade Network), and signatories to its Forest Campaign, we’re committed to working with partners who aim to eliminate illegal logging and improve forest management.

We’re also members of the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC), which works with the industry to promote the ethical sourcing of gold and diamonds.


Over £2m

The amount raised in the last four years via the Barnardo’s Toy Exchange.


The reduction we’re aiming to achieve in our carbon emissions, per square foot, by 2020.


The percentage of people who say our digital workshops have helped them in their everyday lives.


How much less energy our new digital stores use than our conventional stores, compared on like-for-like opening hours.

Over £1.2m

The amount raised so far for our charity partnership with Macmillan.