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Customer Insight Manager

Identifies value and drives change through the provision of consistent, quality, actionable customer insight across the Customer Management Centres (CMC) brands (Argos, Argos for Business, Habitat, Sainsbury’s Retail) and into the CMC Continuous Improvement and Quality & Coaching team

What I need to do

Contribute to the development of the strategic insight roadmap and proactively develop and own and deliver specific plans which are aligned to CMC strategy and associated business targets/priorities and ensure the profile of customer insight work remains high with a stakeholders
Gather requirements from stakeholders, proactively make recommendations for areas to explore and then develop and debrief the insight with the support of Insight Analysts to ensure stakeholders are making more informed decisions/customer insight is identifying value and driving change
Support the Head of Customer Insight to create a high performing, engaged team, ensuring direct reports and other Insight Analysts can:

Work with multiple data sources (speech analytics, complaints, livechat/social media/e-mail and text analytics, customer satisfaction surveys and other customer knowledge data to deliver high quality insight
Manage projects and deliver on ad hoc insight requests end to end/Manage Customer Insight priorities against required timescales

Compile an always on view of end to end customer journeys for each brand, overlaying cost to serve to allow the identification and elimination of key customer pain points and the promotion of experiences which create value in terms of engagement/up or cross selling
Work with peer group to:

Develop, own and evolve the insight process, constantly challenging and stretching the collective team’s capability through the search for and implementation of best practice, new tools and new ways of working
Propose a consistent approach to measuring “return on analysis and research” to ensure work is prioritised by value and “value add” can be regularly demonstrated to the CMC Director and other stakeholders

Champion a culture which has the customer at the centre of decision making and maintain a passion for ensuring the delivery of high quality, data driven insights to improve CMC decision making and ultimately the customer experience

What I need to know

The breadth of the role is relatively wide from a technical perspective as I have to be able to work with/deliver technical specialism in terms of the creation, quality checking, analysis and reporting of insights from a range of data sources (including speech analytics, complaints, live chat/social media/e-mail and text analytics, customer satisfaction survey data, operational performance data).

Pronounced analytical strengths and be used to working with very large data sets of consumer and transactional data
Experience of manipulating and analysing large datasets of customer information
An ability to expertly comment on and question data
A strong ability to think strategically and develop and execute plans orientated around priority business needs
A passion for the business impact of analysis and customer insight/ensuring companies act in a customer focused but commercially balanced way

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