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Strategic Projects Testing Analyst

In a nutshell

This Analyst role will be within the Customer Test & Learn team within the Customer Analytics area.

The role is there to primarily help the business with making decisions using the best possible insights derived from, and helping shape, the in-store Test and Learn strategy. The analyst will be the primary relationship owner with Advanced Predictive Technologies (APT) who provide a technological solution to designing and measuring valid tests, and the analyst themselves are expected to provide consultancy and best practice advice through their own capabilities and knowledge.

The analyst will also maintain a comprehensive understanding of the retail footprint of Argos competitors as well as their promotions and other activities, allowing them to becomes the CMI expert in all things pertaining to our retail footprint, and so providing relevant insight and information based on this understanding.

What I need to do

This role will primarily be responsible for performing store-focussed analysis and insight and making that available across the CMI team and wider business. They will understand the context and background to a business question, determine suitable methodologies and source answers that question, primarily through APT, but also through their own analytical capabilities. They will present their findings in a way that both answers the question, engages stakeholders and, where possible, has clearly defined actions available.

Specifically, this Analyst Role will:

- Testing analytics – Be the primary expert in store-based testing methodologies supporting business managers in defining, designing, delivering and evaluating tests through the use of testing surgeries and application of best practice principles in order to get the most reliable read on their experiments.

- The role holder is a primary member of the Testing Governance Group and key stakeholder with APT.

-Be the Master User of the APT platform for providing Analysis and Insight to different functions across the business.

-Store Analysis – Using APT and other analytics to understand that variances in store performance and how local factors may be affecting this performance in order to support business decision making.

- Work with rest of Customer Analysis team to develop customer success metrics for store testing.

-Competitor Database – Maintain a comprehensive and up to data database on competitor estate and activities. Help automate the collection of this data as much as possible.

-Competitor Analysis – Build and understanding of competitors’ activities and how these may be impacting Argos performance in order to help develop local market activities.

•This role will play an active position within both Sainsbury’s Argos and Sainsbury’s Group analytical community, leading activities and proactively championing the community.

•Specifically, this role will focus on utilising Customer data within our Single Customer view, but will supplement their analysis with other datasets as needed.

How I will succeed

You will be a capable analyst, with real strengths in planning and process management. You will be adept at understanding the problems at the heart of a stakeholders questions and able to work with third parties to find a way to answer it. You will communicate your findings clearly to non-technical audiences and be constantly seeking new ways of understanding the context of their questions. You’ll also be an expert in our store estate, understand.

What I need to know

This role at the core of our analytical teams and therefore has to:

-Be a capable analyst, you will have considerable experience in fast paced business environments, in particular, test-and-learn methodologies. Use experience to make best recommendations to optimise stores for testing strategy. Prioritise tests being run for maximum insight and commercial impact.

-Have notable experience of working with retail and store-based analytics.

-Have experience of analysing Customer Data, be familiar with common pitfalls in analysing customer data and how to apply rigorous methodologies to get to a robust answer.

-Have a good ability at understanding a business question and selecting one or more analytical techniques and data sources to obtain as accurate and robust answer as possible

-Be technically capable across multiple platforms including but not limited to Advanced Excel & Microsoft office skills, Has some SQL knowledge. Would be helpful to have experience in visualisation software such as Tableau, PowerBI or Qlikview, analytical software like Alteryx, SAS or R, as well as experience in geographic information systems (GIS).

What I need to show

•Be an agile and innovative thinker, you should be both astute and creative with a logical and methodical approach to problem solving, you’ll be passionate about not just data but finding the what, why and how.

•Be an excellent communicator, credible and articulate, with excellent presentation and interpersonal skills. You will be comfortable pulling the interesting story from complex datasets and presenting your findings in an engaging manner.

•Be able to demonstrate the ability to explain your findings to Senior levels within the organisation (up to Senior Manager level), you have good stakeholder management capability.

Resources available to me

•Support from your team of fellow analysts and a data management team in place to obtain and manage your source data

•Support from the overall Sainsbury’s Argos CMI team

•Support from the wider business and analytical teams as required. •

What decisions I can make

You are accountable for prioritising your work. Ensuring that the methodologies and data used, will provide accurate answers to questions that can be trusted. Knowing when enough analysis is sufficient, when limited further value can be obtained.

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