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Brand Strategy Manager

?In a nutshell

As Brand Strategy Manager (Category Marketing), in conjunction with the Senior Brand Strategy Manager you will lead the development of category propositions including the development of the own brand proposition for Sainsbury’s Argos.

You will be responsible for looking ahead on a horizon of no less than 1 year. You will work with teams across marketing and the wider business, but in particular the commercial function leading the strategic marketing agenda for key focus categories. You will actively engage with senior leaders across the commercial function to propose the marketing strategy and strategic priorities and our own brand proposition. You will play an influential role in communicating and working with key teams in marketing to deliver the strategy with a key interface with the marketing planning managers.

What I need to do

You will work closely with the commercial category teams to make our category proposition more compelling and distinctive. You will work alongside the category planning process on a horizon of over 1 year to determine the strategic marketing agenda to activate the plan.
You will bring insight and external market analysis to contribute to how we make our categories more compelling and distinctive.
You will play a critical role in developing the own brand proposition(s), including setting the positioning, brand purpose/point of view, and in partnership with an execution partner, determine how the brand should come to life [this is the brand guidelines/playbook].
You will need to engage multiple stakeholders across many teams [especially commercial] and up to board level.
You will brief the marketing planning team to activate the category marketing plans, including the own brand propositions within it. You will set the budget and the KPI’s for plan and campaign.
You will support in developing the total Sainsbury’s Argos proposition, like our 2 man delivery network and our collections proposition in line with the brand purpose and the category objectives.
Support the Senior Brand Strategy Manager in setting the direction of the marketing department (agreeing the priorities and goals)

How I will succeed

Develop market leading category marketing strategies that lead to category growth
Develop distinctive and compelling own brands that appeal to the target customer
Be the voice of the customer clearly representing their views & needs
Develop strong relationships with key marketing and commercial managers
Bring strong strategic thinking capability into the marketing team
Be focussed on the future, and hand-off at the right time to minimise overlap

What I need to know

Strong category knowledge & in depth view of the category plans
Strong knowledge of how to develop and grow brands
Experience of developing and setting marketing strategies
A broad understanding of marketing function and broader commercial organisation
Strong understanding of how to extract customer insight (voice of customer) to develop and support strategy
Strong commercial understanding

What I need to show

Strong influencing skills – across management levels of commercial & marketing
Strong story telling skills – bringing others on the journey
Excellent verbal and written communication
Ability to anticipate how others react to change and build effective plans
Anticipates and manages conflict
Proactively manage stakeholder engagement
Consider implications and anticipate risks
Be able to articulate the overall picture to others
Focus on decision making
Effective prioritisation
Proactively manage upwards (with line manager and MLT) to get the direction that will have the biggest impact
Remaining consistent in your message
Display and maintain high levels of energy & passion for brand/strategy

Resources available to me

Brand strategy budget

What decisions I can make

You will recommend the category and own brand proposition
You will make recommendations for the marketing budget allocation


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