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Studio Floor Co-ordinator

In a nutshell

Co-ordinates all aspects of product/ sample flow on the studio floor. Ensuring that the products arrive in line with agreed schedules/ timelines, are clean and fit for purpose. Managing and moving a vast range of different product types from delivery into the studio through to Photography/Video sets and then back out via despatch areas.

Responsible for maintaining the studio floor, ensuring high cleanliness standards and ensuring adherence to Health and Safety standards and procedures. A key part of this role will involve being able to influence a large Creative team to ensure all of the above standards are maintained.

What I need to do

Sample/ product Co-ordination. Facilitate the delivery and despatch products/ samples into and out of the Bradwell Media Studios. Ensuring the correct products arrive on time by tracking adherence to a Studio production schedule. Flagging when products/ samples have not arrived. Checking products for damage, cleaning products to a high standard so that they can be used for content creation (Photography and Video). Ensuring that products/ samples arrive ‘on set’ at the correct time in line with production schedule. Checking all studio systems before despatch to ensure the all content for each product is complete before the product/ sample leaves the studio.
Maintaining product/ sample quality. Following standard operating procedures when a Sample arrives into the studio damaged. Ensuring the correct Bradwell Media team members are notified and that the correct label is applied so that the product can be taken out of circulation. Whist the product/ Sample is in the studio care, the Studio Floor Co-ordinator is responsible for ensuring that the product/ sample is not damaged, is tracked and despatched in pristine condition
Studio Cleanliness & tidiness. The Studio Floor Co-ordinator is the owner of cleanliness and tidiness on the Studio Floor. Influencing the rest of the Bradwell Media team to maintain adherence and providing facilities to make adherence easier. Sweeping the Studio Floor daily, clearing rubbish and recycling into collection areas. Ensuring all Samples, Set build and other equipment are kept in designated areas.
Health & Safety. Health and Safety is everyone’s responsibility, however the Studio Floor Co-Ordinator takes a leading role in ensuring adherence. Completing daily checks of their studio, including offices, reception areas, meeting room, kitchens and toilets. Placing delivery bay barriers out in the morning. Is responsible for flagging any non-adherence to individuals and line manager.
Location Shoots. During location shoots you may be required to stay away. Location shoots are predominantly in the UK, travel and accommodation will be provided. Shoot locations are fully risk assessed. You will perform all duties and responsibilities as in the Studio environment. In addition; Load the delivery vehicle prior to departure from Bradwell Media, taking responsibility for making sure all products/ samples that are required are loaded and in good condition. Take responsibility for Petty cash, collating all receipts. Main point of contact for the Bradwell Media team back in the studio.
Consumables. Manage a small monthly budget and arrange the ordering and purchase of studio consumables through agreed suppliers.
Meet And Greet. Responsible for answering the front door when visitors call. Maintaining security by asking for details of the visit. Ensure all exterior doors are kept closed when not in use. As the first point of contact on site at Bradwell Media Studio the Studio Floor Co-Ordinator must be welcoming and friendly, ensure that visitor know where they can wait, where the toilet facilities are and are comfortable. Visitors are the responsibility of the Studio Floor Co-Ordinator until the relevant member of the Bradwell Media team has received them.

How I will succeed

All Products/ Sample will be checked and verified within agreed timeline following arrival at the Studio
Any missing products/ Samples will be flagged and a resolution in place within agreed timeline
Products/ Samples will be assembled and cleaned within agreed timelines
Downtime due to sample availability
Bi-Monthly studio Accuracy Audit
Product / Sample damage rate target
Health and Safety – Studio near misses and reported accidents levels
Client Satisfaction scores

What I need to know


Computer literate knowledge and experience of using Microsoft office software (Excel, Word, PowerPoint)
Good written and verbal communication skills
Physically capable of lifting heavy single person objects or with assistance for two person handling.
Full clean UK driving licence


Experience working with a Studio environment
Experience working with a warehouse environment
Forklift truck licence
Knowledge of health and safety standards
First aid training
Process Improvement training or qualifications – i.e. Lean Six Sigma
Knowledge of Photography and/ or video production processes.

What I need to show

We are trusting each other, working and winning as one team: Builds great working relationships with colleagues and clients. Able to communicate well across a broad range of stakeholders, up to Senior Managers or Heads of department.
We are making it simpler: Identifies opportunities to make the way we work simpler. Constantly striving to improve processes. Contributes ideas and is proactive.
We are doing the right thing for our customers to grow sales: Looks for ways of improving service in the team and ensures they understand how what they do influences the customer.
We are making it happen at pace: Encourages others to deliver results by making decisions and trying new approaches. Is deadline driven, organised and highly efficient.
We are treating every pound as our own: Has a thorough understanding of the business performance and ensures they understand the business impact of their decisions. Understands that downtime within the studio is very costly and that they have a key part to play in maintaining efficiency and controlling costs.
We are cheering on our progress: Recognises when colleagues have made great progress and actively acknowledges this.

Resources available to me

Training through use of the Academy which is the company online training facility.
On Job Training with experienced team
Diverse team of experience specialists and generalists to support with career development
Budget for consumables/ sundries between £100- £300 per month

What decisions I can make

Authority to refuse a Sample which is damaged and not in good enough condition for production
Authority to send a product for disposal if it is damaged beyond use – through agreed process.
Authority to direct all colleagues in the studio to adhere to housekeeping and Health and Safety standards
Authority to order supplies in line with consumables budget.


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