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Analyst - Marketing Performance

Sainsbury’s Argos is one of the biggest retailers in the UK and we’re investing significantly in our insights and analytics capabilities in order to bring customers to the heart of our decision making. We care about customers and want to delight them and exceed their expectations. Consequently our business decisions are driven by data and insight so that we can work hard to understand, empathise and engage with our customers to build real connections with them at every opportunity.

We are building a world class Insights team with a broad and diverse set of technical expertise, from coding to qualitative research, but all united with the same core set of skills: curiosity, an analytical mindset, drive, tenacity, and a desire to influence commercial decisions from the perspective of customers. We value that everyone brings something unique and individual to the team. You will be joining a supportive, growing, and committed team and will also benefit from access to the broader data and analytics community at Sainsbury’s Group.

In a nutshell

This Analyst role will be within the Marketing Performance team within the Customer Analytics area of the Customer and Market Insight function. This team is responsible for understanding and reporting on how well our marketing investments are performing.

This team will primarily be accountable for building, managing and iterating a digital marketing attribution model that allows us to understand the effectiveness of each of our channels and activities at a highly granular level.

This role will primarily be focused on designing, building and implementing the Digital Marketing attribution model, one that provides a clear view of the effectiveness of each of our digital marketing channels and allows our Marketing teams to make different decisions on a day to day basis.

This role will have a huge impact on the effectiveness of our marketing activity, a person who is successful within this role will play a large part of our efficiency and effectiveness of our marketing activity and therefore the overall business performance.

What I need to do

This role will be responsible for the creation and management of a digital marketing attribution model and will be responsible for working with key stakeholder across marketing to ensure that the solution meets their needs. They will work very closely, on a day to day basis, with the Marketing Communications team, specifically the digital performance and campaign management teams and will be required to influence them on a tactical and strategic level.

Specifically, this Analyst Role will:

Working with the Marketing Performance Analytics Manager, determine the appropriate approach and methodology to create a digital marketing attribution model, one that attributes our digital sales to influencing digital channels and meets the requirements of the Performance Marketing teams.

Build, maintain and iterate the attribution model, and introduce this into the digital marketing teams.

Build and iterate reports to ensure that the outputs of the model are useful and actioned by the digital marketing teams, improving them over time.

Proactively provide insights from the attribution modelling into the Marketing Performance team that allow them to optimise their activity and action any opportunities.

The role will also support the Senior Analyst – Marketing Performance on the selection and implementation of an econometric model including the ongoing usage and management of that model with the appropriate marketing teams.

How I will succeed

You will be a very strong analyst, you will be adept at understanding the problems at the heart of a stakeholders questions and able to determine and execute the most appropriate analytical methodologies to answer it. You will communicate your findings clearly to non-technical audiences and be constantly seeking new ways of understanding the context of their questions.

What I need to know

This role is the heart of our marketing performance modelling and assessment and will therefore:

Have good knowledge of digital marketing attribution models, their selection, advantages and disadvantages.

Be highly digitally literate, with a deep understanding of how digital marketing operates and interacts with our digital channel performance.

Be an agile and innovative thinker, you should be both astute and creative with a logical and methodical approach to problem solving, you’ll be passionate about not just data but finding the what, why and how.

Be a good communicator, credible and articulate, with strong communication, presentation and interpersonal skills

What I need to show

Technically strong in digital analytics and technologies.

A strong ability at understanding a business question and selecting an analytical technique and data sources to obtain as accurate answer as possible

Strong communication ability and demonstrable experience of influencing up to senior levels.

Exceptional analytical skills previously executed in a high paced, demanding environment

Ability to prioritise work for yourself

Resources available to me

- Support from the overall Sainsbury’s Argos CMI team

- Support from the Marketing performance team

What decisions I can make

You are accountable for prioritising your work. Ensuring that the methodologies and data used, will provide accurate answers to questions that can be trusted. Knowing when enough analysis is sufficient, when limited further value can be obtained.

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