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Bradwell Asset Executive

In a nutshell

The BAE will be responsible for the management of all sample requests for PR, Marketing, Commercial, Habitat & Sainsbury’s that do not require content through the photographic Studios. This will mean liaising with our Distribution Centres, Stores, Commercial Teams, Technical & Ethical teams and Suppliers to obtain products to agreed deadlines. The jobholder will also be responsible for liaising with the project manager for each job, ensuring that the quotes are provided upfront to enable the client to agree their budgets.

The BAE will also be responsible for liaising with Argos & Sainsbury’s Commercial teams prior to their selection presentations/reviews to source RI products for their product displays.

The jobholder is also responsible for a number of weekly/monthly reports which include the collation the weekly capacity report, the monthly recharges and the monthly DC stock reports for Central Finance. They will also assist the Sample Centre Team Leader with the Selection schedule and Sample Centre Manager with any other administrative work that is required.

What I need to do

Manage multiple stakeholders such as External Suppliers, Commercial Teams, Marketing, PR, External agencies and Clients to ensure all assets are delivered to deadline.

Manage the coordination of all assets in order to deliver high levels of consistency and accuracy across all assets coming into the Sample Centre.

This position requires the management of a complex schedule of work to ensure that Events run smoothly.

To actively assist the Sample Centre Manager from time to time to ensure the overall Bradwell team continues to meet the changing requirements of a digital retail environment.

To assist the sample centre team in the completion of Admin work as and when it is required.

To quickly and accurately provide stakeholders with quotes for the use of the sample centre facilities.

How I will succeed

Keep all stakeholders informed about sample availability and solve any issues this may create.

Explore all avenues to source samples within strict deadlines and costs.

Have a detailed understanding of the costs involved in sample centre functions to give accurate upfront quotes to clients.

Accurate spreadsheets to effectively manage large numbers of samples in short periods of time.

Willingness to assist in any Sample Centre work as and when required. Undertake Fork Lift Truck in house training to be able to (on occasion) manage your own product picks and support the wider team if required.

Keep detailed reports to provide information to help the continuing improvements within the sample centre.

What I need to know

The Job holder should be educated to a minimum “A” level standard with proven experience working within a publication or planning environment.

Proven ability to communicate, persuade and influence at all levels, having the flexibility to utilise the necessary approach in order to deliver the maximum benefit.

The job holder has the ability to communicate to Director level with External Suppliers and Agencies.

The job holder has a proven ability to plan and co-ordinate high volume flows of assets in a fast paced environment in order to deliver to the needs of the business.

The jobholder is computer literate with an excellent working knowledge of database systems, Excel and Word.

The job holder has excellent communication skills both written and verbal.

What I need to show

Strong attention to detail is required.

Problem solving in a highly pressured, fast paced, delivery focused environment.

Able to influence using the full spectrum of approaches to ensure that all encounters with clients are fulfilled to the client’s satisfaction whilst maintaining the commercial viability of Bradwell Media.

Where anomalies arise, the position requires innovative thinking and sound judgement in the making of key decisions. The job holder will also be proactive with the suggestion of new ideas and methods to meet the changing needs of the business.

The jobholder will be responsible for making day to day decisions in line with common working practices, during the selection, photography, videography and all other project processes, to ensure that all deadlines and accuracy levels are met.

Slippage or non-delivery will be highlighted and reported to the relevant person without fail. It is positively encouraged to report on solutions and not just highlight problems.

The jobholder will be able to seek guidance from the Sample Centre Team Leader and/or Sample Centre Manager for specialist or critical issues, but should be competent to make decisions concerning the day to day running of the Bradwell Asset Executive role.

The jobholder will be responsible for ensuring that all deadlines are met and adhered to. Any error in judgement could result in delays to the production of each individual project. This could lead the business to incur extra costs and time penalties and ultimately affect the accuracy and availability of the Project and other channels to market, with the associated loss of possible sales.

Resources available to me

The BAE role has no direct reports or direct financial responsibilities

What decisions I can make

The most cost effective route to source samples

Prioritising workload while working on multiple time pressured projects


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