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Home Furnishings Product Coordinator - Ansty

In a nutshell

Product Coordinators control the receipt, packaging, movement, audit and disposal of display, selection, mock shop and photography products, ensuring that products are booked in, tracked and maintained in good condition at all times. Key to the success of the role is the ability to liaise with internal and external stakeholders to place product orders, to maintain awareness of product status and to arrange product disposals, and the ability to assist with the planning and scheduling of photography requirements.

What I need to do

Liaise with the Ansty post room to ensure that deliveries & collections from suppliers and the Bradwell PDC are handled appropriately

Liaise with the Bradwell PDC to order current (RI) products, receive, book in and store products using in-house stock control systems

Liaise with the commercial teams to manage new line (NL) products. Receive, book in and store products using in-house stock control systems

Liaise with suppliers and internal stakeholders to maintain knowledge of orders and delivery timescales

Pick and package products for transport to the Bradwell PDC and photography studio

Receive product returns from the Bradwell PDC and photography studio, checking quality and booking products back into stock

Assist with laying out and clearing products for store displays, commercial selections and signoff events

Audit products against stock records and arrange disposal of products no longer required

Prepare Excel reports on a variety of product-related statistics, maintaining stock records and associated reports and ensuring accuracy at all times

Liaise with internal stakeholders to maintain awareness of key schedule dates for product events

Participate in working groups to advance Continuous Improvement initiatives.

How I will succeed

Products sourced from suppliers and distribution centres as required

All products booked in as required and locatable at all times

Products picked and transported to the Bradwell PDC and photography studio on time and in good condition

Products kept in good condition and any damaged products identified and re-ordered

Store display, selection and signoff products laid out and cleared in accordance with agreed procedures and timescales

Products audited as required, overs and unders recorded and stock records updated with status

Stakeholders kept fully informed of product status and whereabouts as and when required

Accurate Excel reports produced to an acceptable level of quality as and when required

Willing participation in continuous improvement activities.

What I need to know

Experience of working within a team and sharing responsibilities and tasks to achieve deadlines

Experience of working in a warehouse environment and controlling stock

Experience in the use of Microsoft Office, Excel and Word, in particular the use of Outlook to manage emails and the use of Excel to produce basic statistical reports

Knowledge of basic Health & Safety working practices in a warehouse environment.

What I need to show

A flexible and professional work ethic as responsibilities may vary from week to week and will often involve contact with influential people in more senior positions

A willingness to help and support other team members to achieve their own workload tasks

Articulate verbal and written communication skills, comfortable in face-to-face conversations, at ease with telephone conversations and capable of constructing concise and informative emails

Competent and accurate data input skills

A good understanding of how to use Excel to produce basic statistical reports

The desire to take ownership of service issues and see them through to resolution

The physical capability to handle frequent lifting and movement of boxes of products

The ability to remain calm and focused in times of heavy workload

·The ability to embrace change and a desire to always improve the way things are done.

A willingness to embrace Health & Safety in the workplace.

Resources available to me

Support from commercial and PDC team members based in Ansty

Support from PDC team members based in Bradwell

Support from Photography Studio team members based in Bradwell

Access to Microsoft Office products including Email, Word, Excel and Powerpoint

Access to stock management systems

Access to other IT systems as deemed required

The Product Coordinator role has no direct reports or financial responsibilities.

What decisions I can make

When to chase outstanding orders and who to notify of non-arrival

When to book products in and how to store them

When to dispose of and replace damaged products

When to audit stock levels and which disposal routes to use for products that are no longer required

Autonomy in the role is actively encouraged however the Team Leader will provide a clear brief on situations which must be escalated for decision making.

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