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Digital Marketing Assistant

In a nutshell

Across the Marketing Communications team we work with tens of different agencies and partners,

and are responsible for spending in excess £80m in media investment each year. This requires

complex budgeting and reporting to manage performance.

This role will be critical in helping us manage our agencies and suppliers, tracking spend, generating

and distribute key management reports and Invoices and managing budgets.

What I need to do

Budget Management

* Actively maintain and update the single central view of media investment against the marketing customer

plan, so that at any given moment in time the team have an accurate view of budget position

* Actively manage marketing communications budget, providing regular reporting to Marketing Comms

leadership and Marketing Leadership team on budget position

* Manage payment of suppliers, including raising of POs, tracking of POs and invoicing against planned budget

* Proactively lead regular budget meetings with Marketing Comms leadership team


* Work with Digital Marketing team and analysts to design and create performance reports to support weekly

Pulse and Media Performance meetings

* Circulate reports to correct stakeholders and proactively manage amendments

* Regularly review reporting suite and seek feedback on opportunities for improvement

Project Management

* Working with Tech and Dev manager to create project plans, critical paths and project objectives

* Report on project performance

* Tracking risks and issues

How I will succeed

* Budget is managed effectively and all POs are raised in advance of activity commencing, invoices are paid on

time and in full, and budget is tracked accurately

* Team are provided with reports required to make accurate and data-based decisions

What I need to know

* Strong understanding of principles of budget management, reporting and project management

* Competent understanding of digital marketing channels

* Highly competent in excel * Able to learn and work with numerous technical reporting suites (adobe, etc)

What I need to show

* Highly organised

* Personable and flexible to team needs

* Willing to learn


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