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CVM Campaign Operations Assistant


Undertake all CVM campaign build and execution activities on behalf of Argos ensuring all campaign activities

are implemented efficiently and accurately.

Develop and manage a suite of best practise data specific campaigns & personalised campaign treatments to

deliver retention, growth, relationship, service & research goals in and across channels.

Apply best practise campaign design, build and execution to all campaign used in and across channels

ensuring continuous campaign improvement through review of channel requirements & performance

Implement and tailor campaign build & delivery processes to ensure timely and reliable campaigns working

closely with the CVM Planning team to define & meet the specific needs of different Argos channels

Responsible for all data required for campaigns including data accessed directly in house and through 3rd

parties. Responsibility includes accuracy & appropriate use of data in CVM Campaign activities.

Ensure data used in CVM activities is handled compliantly and in line with regulations & Argos policies.

Responsible for implementation of customer contact rules and suppressions

Champion the use of best of breed tools & processes needed for effective customer value management in

Argos channels and business areas

Develop and deliver CVM campaigning for Argos

* Develop, schedule and maintain an implementation plan for CVM campaigns

* Champion CVM, data and campaign best practise with a diverse range of stakeholders across the


* Set-up, optimise and execute a suite of campaigns in the campaign tool, manage delivery of these

campaigns in and across channels.

* Work with CMI team to support the development & use of advanced analytics and modelling in

campaign selection rules

* Liaise with CMI to ensure CVM campaign activity performance is reported against agreed KPIs

* Support continuous improvement for CVM Campaigns through test and learning, optimisation and


* Make best use of the best of breed tools & processes needed for effective management of customer

value (including campaign management, campaign reporting, channel integration, campaign

optimisation, NBA)

Development and implementation of customer plans * Build & execute data campaigns required to deliver customer plans across multiple offline & online channels * Develop and manage customer campaign plans to optimise campaign performance and deliver to channel needs & objectives * Build & maintain a suite of campaigns & campaign treatments to deliver to varied customer goals * Build & implement targeting rules & definitions to deliver highly personalised & segmented customer communications * Ensure data used in CVM activity is fit for purpose, managed to customer preference and secure * Ensuring Argos CVM activities are fully compliant with all legal data requirements * Implement customer contact rules (suppression, frequency & recency and prioritisation) and maintain contact history * Undertake and complete user acceptance testing for all data, tool & system developments impacting the Campaign Operations team Responsible of driving CVM campaigns performance * Deliver incremental revenue growth and achieve agreed customer goals through campaign productivity, process efficiency and optimisation & prioritisation of campaigns at a customer level * Drive channel performance through tailored campaign treatments and delivery of value add data to help channel conversion and revenue delivery, customer retention, relationship building and customer satisfaction. * Maximise campaign performance through use of highly targeted campaigns & treatments exploiting knowledge of data, customer behaviour & needs to deliver more accurate and engaging communications * Maximise efficiency of campaign process through campaign best practise including re-usable campaign templates, channel integration and automation * Ensure continuous ‘test & learn’ approach to campaigning through appropriate use of control groups and champion / challenger set-up to further enhance effectiveness of customer value management performance * Ensure continuous improvement through contact evaluation and learning; support interpretation and presentation of results and learnings back to the business

Operating across the full breadth of Argos (i.e. all channels, all categories, all customers) to deliver optimum customer mix and return on investment

Role has significant impact on delivery of Argos Strategic Goals for Market Share, growth and revenue stability

Role has significant impact on overall top line revenue delivery for Argos business and also achievement of bottom line profit expectations

Responsible for direct to customer marketing activities in Argos channels and growth of customer engagement and participation

Responsible for implementing CVM campaigns across Argos channels & business units

This role will need to engage at senior management level internally and with key 3rd party partners – digital

agencies, marketing suppliers, technology providers, merchandise suppliers, CVM consultants and

transformation agencies.


Technical knowledge and practical experience The qualifications, technical skills, knowledge and the work experience (range of experiences) required for success in this role. Think of both the depth (e.g. in years of experience, size of project) and breadth (e.g. different environments/ contexts) of experience needed to perform the role. Technical and operational knowledge of tools and process required to deliver best of breed CVM and campaigns. IBM Campaign experience preferable Practical experience of working with data including the principles of databases, data selection logic and data regulations Experience of delivering goal orientated outcomes including revenue/profit, retention & relationship outcomes Experienced in user acceptance testing and documentation Be a CVM advocate able to inspire business buy in Experience of working with and across multiple channels to deliver customer next best activity Technical knowledge of databases, data selection logic and data regulations Experience of delivering CRM in other organisations Experience of interpreting/interrogating digital analytics tools and driving insight led decision making Practical knowledge and experience of Life-cycle management, campaigning, modelling & analytics, reporting & evaluation

Well versed communication skills used to engage stakeholders and simplify often complex technologies and processes Able to understand strategic goals & direction and operate at a practical level to be able to influence colleagues & stakeholders. Is visible and vocal, always has a perspective and point of view and able to clearly articulate this in the appropriate way Is passionate about data & customers and is able to engage and mobilising colleagues in the CVM journey Recognises success even in the face of adversity and ensures learning opportunities are embraced


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