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Customer & Annual Marketing Planning Manager

This role works with the Head of Marketing Planning to translate the business strategy into a plan that delights our customers and delivers against our short, medium and long term commercial objectives. The plan created needs to deliver the right message to the right customers through the right channels and at the right time, delivering on our business, customer, marketing and channel strategies

In addition, this role manages the £170m marketing budget ensuring that every £ spent delivers the best return on investment.

What I need to do

Work with the Head of Marketing planning and media business to support the development of a 12-24 month rolling cycle marketing plan that delivers against our customers and commercial targets.
Work with key stake holders to create a powerful cross functional customer plan, that delivers the right message to the right customers through the right channels and at the right time delivering on our business, customer, market and channel strategies
Manage various sets of data and interpret the results to achieve a good balance of customer and commercial outcomes
Capture and maintain the ‘Key Information’ content of the marketing plan (e.g. key calendar dates, school holidays, customer missions/mindset, commercial priorities, promo cycles etc., keeping this up-to-date and cascading to key stakeholders as appropriate. Protecting this key strategic asset by owning the associated NDA process
Develop and run a scheduling system and series of processes, timelines / critical paths and milestones that make the Customer Planning process run smoothly.
Proactively engage all relevant areas of the business on timelines and milestones, ensuring that all parts of the customer planning process are running to long-enough timelines that all areas of the business can be included and make an impact on the plan.
Review the plans on a frequent basis with key stakeholders and update accordingly aligning to current trading conditions and new insights and developments.
Be the owner of all Customer Plan and associated documentation with the accountability of ensuring we achieve the correct balance of confidentiality and engagement so that the plan can be delivered.
Support the deployment of the £170m marketing budget effectively.
Work with the leads on MORI projects to recommend media and targeting approaches so that spend aligned to the plan is structured to strike the most appropriate balance between communication channels.
Oversee the creation and implementation of the Category & Customer strategic Development plans including the development of category & customer propositions, project plans, research briefs, creative briefs and work in conjunction with marketing and digital teams and external agencies as appropriate.
Work with the CMI PIR team on analysis and measurement of Category & Customer Marketing activity using both sales and customer metrics.
Work closely with the Media business team to support monetisation opportunities
Be the ‘go-to’ person in Marketing to understand what is happening, when and what needs to happen in which order, for the Customer Plan to be delivered. This is not about being a gatekeeper or blocker, but about being a great facilitator.

How I will succeed

Everyone in relevant teams across the business is aware of and engaged in the timelines and processes that will enable the customer plan to be delivered smoothly and meet customer and commercial targets.
The Customer Plan skeleton contains all the appropriate building blocks of dates, cycles, insights etc. to enable the best plan to be built.
Work cross functionally with Marketing, Trading and Commercial and colleagues in other key departments to deliver the best possible customer plan, integrated across the Group and with the customer at its heart but that also delivers our commercial objectives
Processes and timelines take into account all key planning timelines across the business and ensure all teams can be included.
Media business activities are aligned to the plan to maximise monetisation opportunities.
The rolling view of the Customer Plan is maintained and up to date at all times and is reflective of all marketing activity.
Understand our marketing, commercial and channel strategies, and be confident reviewing requests for marketing support in light of these strategies
Develop fantastic relationships with all key stakeholders

What I need to know

The fundamentals of corporate, commercial, marketing and category strategies and values
How to make things happen across cross-functional, cross-group projects and work-streams
How the relevant teams across the business operate and can contribute to the success of the plan and campaigns
How best to engage and influence (cross-functionally and at all levels)
How our plans and campaigns can pull the commercial levers of our business
How to manage budgets
How customers behave and respond to events, propositions and communications
How markets and competitors perform (and have performed) in relevant areas
How to prioritise effectively

What I need to show

Strong ability to synthesise insight and analysis into actionable recommendations
Ability to use various sets of data and interpret the results to achieve a good balance of customer and commercial outcomes
Strong influencing skills – across all levels of the organisation
Strong story telling & presentation/articulation skills – bringing others on the journey
Excellent verbal and written communication
Be able to articulate the overall picture to others
Effective prioritisation of self and team
Full understanding of Trading, Commercial planning, Digital, Stores and the rest of Marketing and the various internal dependencies
Experience of working in a cross-functional environment

Technical skills & abilities:

Excellent project/programme management
Attention to detail and the ability to manage complexity
Excellent Excel and PowerPoint skills to develop and maintain the plan

Resources available to me

Support from the insights team, commercial planning, external agencies and key stake holders
Support from the workflow planning assistant, the gate process and all customer planning processes
1 x C4 and C3 planner

What decisions I can make

In conjunction with Head of Planning and Media business – produce the customer plan
High level allocation of the £170m marketing budget
Identify business and customer opportunities through commercial, contractual and customer data
Recommend what goes on the plan and why


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