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Analytics Manager - Customer (CVM Team)

In a nutshell

This Analytics Manager role will manage the team of analysts that comprise the Customer Test & Learn team within the Customer Analytics area. The role will work on a day to day basis with the CVM team to support the use of data-lead test & learn methodology – i.e. to use our customer data assets to identify opportunities to target our customers more effectively to influence their behaviour. The role will ensure that our targeted campaigns are set up in a way that allows us to measure the impact and improve our understanding of the actions that drive loyalty and customer acquisition. This role will also support marketing planning in the planning and measurement of marketing events (e.g. Halloween promotions), through the eyes of the customer and to describe who responds to what and why.

The team’s objective is to use our customer and digital data to drive insight to inform decision-making and measure success at an operational and strategic level. They will consider how customer shop across the Argos estate, our physical and digital channels and our all our propositions and how this is changing over time, identifying patterns which will allow us to act to drive further value.

Furthermore, this team will be charged with understanding the longer term engagement of customers with direct communications, to ultimately support a contact strategy tailored to the individual customer.

What I need to do

This role will primarily be responsible for performing marketing activity based customer analysis and insight and making that available across the CMI team and wider business. They will understand the context and background to a business question, determine suitable methodologies and craft data from multiple sources to answer that question. They will present their findings in a way that both answers the question, engages stakeholders and, where possible, has clearly defined actions available.

Specifically, this Analyst Role will:

Lead a team of Analysts, prioritising their work and providing mentoring, development opportunities to ultimately build a high-performance team of analysts.

They themselves will be an exceptional analyst and will take on multiple high impact problems, translating business questions or problem into a robust set of methodologies that, once executed, provide actionable insight to non-experts. They will use multiple advanced analytics techniques as necessary will apply them to pieces of analysis as appropriate.

Prioritising the demands and requests into the team, whilst supporting the team to ensure the methodologies selected for analysis are appropriate to answer the question.

Be a custodian of our data, working with the Data Management teams to ensure it is coherent and reporting accurate. They will feed requirements into the Data management team for new data features and aggregations.

This role will play an active position within both Sainsbury’s Argos and Sainsbury’s Group analytical community, leading activities and proactively championing the community.

Specifically, this role will focus on analysing Customer data within our Single Customer view, but will supplement their analysis with other datasets as needed.

How I will succeed

You will be an exceptional nalyst, you will be adept at understanding the problems at the heart of a stakeholders questions and able to determine and execute the most appropriate analytical methodologies to answer it. You will communicate your findings clearly to non-technical audiences and be constantly seeking new ways of understanding the context of their questions.

What I need to know

This role at the core of our analytical teams and therefore has to:

- Be an exceptional analyst, you will have considerable experience in fast paced business environments in turning, often vague, business questions into a piece of analysis that will answer the problems behind the original question.

- Have significant experience of working with direct communications teams and demonstrate a good understanding on campaign (and promotional) test design and measurement, including programme measurement. Ideally will be familiar with NBA environments and the role analytics plays in optimising the strategies.

- Have experience of analysing Customer Data, be familiar with common pitfalls in analysing customer data and how to apply rigorous methodologies to get to a robust answer.

- Be highly capable of understanding a business question and selecting one or more analytical techniques and data sources to obtain as accurate and robust answer as possible

- Be very strong technically across multiple analytical platforms including but not limited to Advanced Excel & Microsoft office skills, SAS / WPS, R or Python. Needs SQL knowledge. Would be helpful to have experience in visualisation software such as Tableau, PowerBI or Qlikview, as well as experience in digital toolsets such as Adobe Reporting & Analytics or Google Analytics.

What I need to show

Be an agile and innovative thinker, you should be both astute and creative with a logical and methodical approach to problem solving, you’ll be passionate about not just data but finding the what, why and how.

Be an excellent communicator, credible and articulate, with excellent presentation and interpersonal skills. You will be comfortable pulling the interesting story from complex datasets and presenting your findings in an engaging manner.

Be able to demonstrate the ability to explain your findings to Senior levels within the organisation (up to Senior Manager level), you have good stakeholder management capability.

Strong team management skills, and be a role model within the wider analytics community.

Ability to prioritise work for yourself and your team effectively

Resources available to me

A team of up to5 analysts as well as access to a larger resource pool internally or externally when necessary

Support from the overall Sainsbury’s Argos CMI team

Support from the wider business and analytical teams as required.

What decisions I can make

You are accountable for prioritising your work and the team’s tasks, ensuring that the team focus on those with the most business value. Ensuring that the methodologies and data used, will provide accurate answers to questions that can be trusted. Knowing when enough analysis is sufficient, when limited further value can be obtained.


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