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Insight Manager - Channels

In a nutshell

This is a new role within the Sainsbury’s Argos CMI team, working to create, collate and compile complex and varied sources of data and research in order to inform key business decisions from a customer perspective. This Insight Manager role will be dedicated to providing insight to support the development of our sales channels and fulfilment routes.

They will support the stores and digital teams in understanding how customer use these channels, what they like, think and feel about them with the aim of informing our strategic agenda and improving their operation. They will also work with our fulfilment teams across supply and home delivery, answering key strategic questions and ensuring we continue to maintain our position in offering market leading fulfilment options to customers.

What you need to do

This role will play an important role in the Sainsbury’s Argos CMI team as well as the overall SA business. They will be combining our existing tools and sources of data with additional quantitative and qualitative primary research to bring a customer perspective to key business decisions.

Specifically, this Insight Manager role will focus on:

Be the key owner of a set of specific set of business questions or problems and drive the customer-lead analysis into them.
Understanding the wider business and market context behind any of these questions, to ensure that the analysis answers the most pertinent aspects.
Combining customer, digital & financial analytics, quantitative & qualitative research, market & competitor analysis to bring a customer perspective to these questions.
Regularly manage the creation of & and proactively share insight updates and relevant work from across the CMI and Marketing department
Maintain a functionally independent and objective perspective in assessing and evaluating performance.

How I will succeed

You will have a rare combination of being highly detail focused and analytical at heart, but be able to communicate a clear, coherent and compelling story to senior stakeholders. You will be able to see past the noise, to extract the most important insight from multiple disparate pieces of analysis.

What you need to know

This role is key in ensuring our business remains customer centric, so you need to:-

Influence at a senior level across the business up to director level
Think strategically, working in a hypothesis-led way to break down complex problems and land the answer with the business
Be highly analytical and curious at heart - understand, challenge and analyse data, whilst stepping back to bring clarity to decisions
Understand how to bring together varied sources of first and third party data, working closely with a variety of agencies and internal teams.

Specifically, for this role, you need to build a strong network across your area and the wider insight team and have a critical mind to prioritise those data points or evidence points that best answer the questions.

There are many ways to have acquired these skills and this knowledge, so there are no specific qualifications or similar proof points required. However, relevant and demonstrable experience is of course essential, so it is likely that successful candidates will have already done roles involving using multiple complex data sources or research to answer business questions, as well as building relationships and communicating in large forums with senior stakeholders

What you need to show

Collaborative working with internal and agency teams
Strong stakeholder management and influencing skills
Clarity of thought, strategic thinking & a methodical approach to problem solving
Ability to communicate complex problems or methodologies simply to audiences with differing experience and understanding.
An analytical mindset, challenging us to look at the business & market in new ways
The drive to establish a new role and new ways of working: must be self-motivated and able to set own agenda

What decisions I can make

You are accountable for bringing the perspective of our customers to those critical questions and decision and will have access to a suite of tools and agencies to tailor the appropriate solutions to them. You’ll need to proactively manage your own time & priorities and you’ll be accountable for judging the right methodology, level of analysis or research to provide the appropriate answers those questions.

Resources available to me

Support from the Sainsbury’s Argos CMI team who will provide primary, individual sources of insight (e.g. market data, research, customer analytics)
Support from the community of Insight Managers and analysts
Support from the wider business and analytical teams as required.


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