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CVM Planning and Innovation Manager

In a nutshell

FY19 sees the exciting transformation of a newly formed CVM team to a fully embedded, centralised function. With the building blocks in place in terms of technology platform, in-house capability and a new operating model, we are now able to accelerate our CVM Strategy. This role plays an important part of realising our vision; “To consistently anticipate and influence customers across all touch points. Creating a seamless, insight-driven customer communication plan, with the key objective of maximizing customer value”

You will lead all customer value management planning activities on behalf of the Argos. This includes customer migration programmes, Next Best Action and multi-channel development

You will define and implement customer campaigns in and across channels to continuously improve customer sales, retention, engagement, life time value and customer satisfaction goals & targets

Ongoing you will have responsibility for ensuring the health & responsiveness of the Argos customer base - maximise size of base available to marketing & communication, maintain and grow customer engagement levels, pro-actively retain customers and grow response & purchase rates.

Providing strong team leadership to the CVM Planning & Innovation team is key in ensuring that they can exploit best of breed tools & processes needed for effective customer value management

Develop and deliver CVM campaigning for Argos

Develop a strategic plan for CVM campaigns including Customer lifecycle management, Customer mission journeys and cross channel opportunities
Champion CVM with a diverse range of stakeholders across the business
Develop a suite of campaigns which will be used to ensure the ongoing health & responsiveness of the Argos customer base .
Develop relevant and measurable KPIs and deliver against these
Deliver a continuous improvement plan for CVM Campaigns through test and learning, optimisation and innovation

Overall leadership of the CVM Planning & Innovation Team

Management of 3 direct reports (2 x CVM Planning Managers Executives and 1 x Contact Strategy Executive TBC)
Use and development of best of breed tools & processes to manage customer value (including campaign management, campaign reporting, campaign planning, campaign optimisation, lead generation, NBA Arbitration …)
Set stretching development objectives to ensure Argos CVM is ahead of the marketing and competitors

Responsible of driving performance

Deliver incremental revenue growth and achieve agreed customer goals i.e. increased retention, reduced lapsed
Drive channel performance in delivering customer value goals & next best activity - conversion and revenue delivery, customer retention, relationship building and customer satisfaction.
Improve contact rates, response rates, engagement, conversion %, AOV, customer retention rates, frequency of visits & purchases etc
Continuous ‘test & learn’ approach to campaigning to further enhance effectiveness of customer value management performance

How I will succeed

By operating across the full breadth of Argos (i.e. all channels, all categories, all customers) to deliver optimum customer mix and return on investment
Demonstrate significant impact on delivery of Argos Strategic Goals for Market Share, growth and revenue stability
Take full responsibility for direct to customer marketing activities in Argos channels and growth of customer engagement and participation, such as customer migration programmes, Next Best Action and multi-channel campaigns

What I need to know

Practical knowledge and experience of Life-cycle management, campaigning, modelling & analytics, reporting & evaluation
Experience of working with and across multiple channels to deliver customer next best activity
Practical knowledge of tools and process required to deliver best of breed CVM
Experience of delivering CRM in other organisations
Experience of interpreting/interrogating digital analytics tools and driving insight led decision making

What I need to show

Experience of delivering goal orientated outcomes including revenue/profit, retention & relationship outcomes
Be a CVM advocate able to inspire business buy in

Ability to clarify ambiguity and can work through complex strategic problems to deliver business benefit
Able to deliver across multiple dimensions at pace in constantly changing environment
Able to operate strategically and at a practical level to be able to influence a full range of stakeholders.

Resources available to me

1 x short term consultant
Full agency support from key partners

What decisions I can make

Accountability for choices of agency partners and technology



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