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Senior Java Engineer - Hadoop & Spark

Senior Java Engineer – Hadoop & Spark

Location: London Victoria

Salary: Competitive

We are The Builders of ArgosTech and we are Building the Future of Retail. We build technologies that customers and colleagues love and other builders respect. But we’re building more than technologies, we’re also building ourselves.

That means we build: our teams; our careers; our own unique ways of working; our relationships with the open source community, researchers, start-ups and universities; our professional networks; our ways of learning; our ways of innovating; our influence; our leadership skills; and our technical skills. In the end, we expect to build the best place in the world to build the best tech in retail.

The role:

Right now at Argos Tech, we are building a brand new Data Science and Machine Learning capability, aiming to automate and improve millions of decisions we make daily to provide a world class customer experience from a range of intelligent optimisations.

We are looking for a Senior Java Engineer with strong data technology experience to develop greenfield micro services to support our new demand forecasting application, predicting weekly and monthly demands nationwide for our 50,000 products across 900 stores and distribution warehouses for digital sales.

Main responsibilities:

• Design and develop software that makes use of the latest techniques in ML for demand forecasting.

• Work directly in the ML and data team to build prototypes and put into production brand new features.

• Data engineering to support training and updating of ML models.

• Build robust, self-healing, distributed Java and Python applications.

• Participate in an Agile team, solely responsible for the entire functional area of Demand Forecasting.


Java 8, Machine Learning, Hadoop, Hive, Python, Spark, Docker, AWS, SpringBoot, Postgres, Kafka, in best Agile practices.


You have years of experience in Java. If a nerd asks you a question you can respond in binary. If your mother asks you what you are up to lately she really understands what you are saying. Every popular framework out there has revealed to you it’s darkest secrets. Even better: you know when these frameworks get grumpy or start behaving downright nasty. By now you have also seen several methodologies in action (Waterfall, RUP, Scrum, you name it) and you know that while there certainly is a holy grail, nobody has ever found it (except maybe in a Monty Python movie). Perhaps the best thing you ever came across is a good implementation of Kanban? Technology is what makes you tick, but it needs to be applied to a big challenge to keep you really Interested.

The Team:

The team own their services and are empowered to constantly improve their services independently and to evolve their services as part of multi-service efforts. The future of retail technology won’t come from a single effort or invention, but rather from ArgosTech teams empowered to build that future.

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