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Sharepoint Analyst

The Collaboration Team in Argos works tirelessly with internal stakeholders to build and support team working\collaboration solutions. Microsoft Sharepoint is at the heart of this and the platform facilitates collaboration across the organisation.

We’re looking for a developer\analyst who can assist in promoting, designing, developing and supporting Sharepoint solutions.

What you’ll be doing

* Managing and checking the overall server health and functionality
* Monitoring SharePoint disk space usage through the built-in SharePoint reports for each site collection
* Managing SharePoint permissions
* Analysing and reporting upon SharePoint usage and activity
* Moving/copying sites
* Supporting network load balancing needs and ensuring its correct operation (NLB)
* Regularly reviewing the events and messages reported in Event Viewer and Performance Monitor
* Regular review, clean-up, management and configuration of SharePoint accounts and sites. This portion of the role will work closely with an Active Directory administrator if they are separated.
* Regularly analysing SharePoint content and storage
* Monitoring SharePoint trends (e.g. site usage and growth, disk space usage and growth)
* Setting up alerts and enforcing policies
* Regularly auditing your SharePoint environment
* Identifying and reporting governance violations
* Checking for operating system, SQL Server and SharePoint patches and cumulative updates


* Experience of designing, supporting, maintaining and enhancing Sharepoint sites
* Excellent communication skills
* Good attention to detail
* Proficient in Microsoft Office applications

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