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Infrastructure Architect - Servers and Storage

Server and Storage Domain Architect

“Technology is nothing. What’s important is that you have a faith in people, that they’re basically good and smart, and if you give them tools, they’ll do wonderful things with them. “ - Steve Jobs

At Argos, we have faith and tools in abundance. We have a clear strategic vision, backed by significant IT investment. We need more good and smart people to do wonderful and amazing things.

What you will be doing

* Developing a deep understanding of the existing server and storage estate, the associated lifecycle events as a basis for developing and delivering a coherent operating and infrastructure refresh strategy
* Leading the development of Server and Storage IT Roadmaps based on those lifecycles
* Being a significant contributor to the development of the annual IT agenda
* Providing consultation and domain leadership during solution options analysis and product selection
* Providing consultation and domain leadership within the design of (large / complex) solutions and ensuring design integrity during solution development
* Leading the domain specific technical aspects of negotiations with 3rd parties
* Working with Service teams to proactively to reduce underlying problems in solutions

Domain scope

* Large scale data centre server estate, including Mainframe, pSeries, iSeries, VMS Alpha, Windows Server to 2012, Linux (RedHat/ Centos), SCO Unixware, VMWare to 6.x
* Large scale data centre storage estate, including IBM DS8870 (inc. global mirror replication), IBM v7000, IBM SVC, Netapp eSeries, Netapp StorageGrid, Netapp NAS
* Large scale data centre backup and recovery infrastructure based on EMC Networker, Cross site replicated Fujitsu Eternus
* IBM (Broccade based) SAN Infrastructure
* Distributed Server estate consisting mix of bare metal installed and VMWare hosted servers running SCO Unixware and Linux VMs for stores operations


* Deep understanding of server and storage technologies, ideally experienced in many of those within the domain
* Ability to operate as part of a team as well as self manage time to achieve objective
* Experience of identifying and communicating business opportunities enabled by emerging technologies
* Practical experience of IT solution development and service delivery
* Excellent interpersonal and communication skills and the ability to deal with all levels of management within the organisation are required.
* Capable of working effectively with senior business and IT management
* Capable of building a domain specific IT Roadmap, identifying appropriate migration strategies and interdependencies between initiatives
* Practical experience of IT Roadmap development
* Practical experience of IT Architecture model development and implementation in Retail / Infrastructure

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