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Full-Stack Developer (Pricing Portal)

Full-Stack Developer (Pricing Portal)

Argos is embracing machine learning throughout the enterprise and dynamic pricing is one of the cornerstones of this effort. The pricing portal is the central business facing system in this area, servicing a large trading team and other business stake holders. Its scope covers trading activity capture, historical data exploration and the ML recommendations for pricing and their visualization and explaination.

We are changing our technology platform from a monolithic architecture to microservices, based on Java, React.js, Machine Learning and Cloud computing. We are looking for engineers with a strong belief in agile delivery and who believe in fully testable and maintainable code.

On top of that we want like-minded Engineers who are able to talk about what they have done, how we develop our technology and importantly shape our engineering culture here at our Technology hub in London.

What you will be doing

* Designing a brand-new software platform
* Writing Front-End and Back-End code
* Working in sprints with two-week delivery
* Refining stories with business owners/analysts and playing planning poker


* Java 8 & Scala
* Javascript (React, Flux/alt.js & ES6)
* NoSQL(MongoDB,Redis) & SQL (postgres)
* Linux
* Git, Docker, Jenkins, Webpack, Selenium


* Degree in computer science or other technical programme with exposure to programming
* Experience integrating with 3rd Party WebServices and API's
* Microservices & unit testing experience
* Ready to enjoy working in a small motivated team on front-end and back-end software

The Team

You will be part of a multidisciplinary team that has data scientists, ML engineers and software engineers building a system that has very high profile within the business.

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