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Senior Software Development Engineer

Senior Software Development Engineer


The imagining, building, operating and evolving of great technology is the engine of growth for Argos. Argos Technology is responsible for the website, Apps, our in-store digital experience, supply chain and distribution, order management and the data behind all of this. We are the engine making everything work; solving problems, building software, fast, with the aim of creating an unrivalled user experience for our customers.

We are changing our technology platform from a monolithic architecture to microservices, based on Java, React.js, Machine Learning and Cloud computing. We are looking for engineers with a strong belief in agile delivery and who believe in fully testable and maintainable code.

On top of that we want like-minded Engineers who are able to talk about what they have done, how we develop our technology and importantly shape our engineering culture here at our Technology hub in London.

What you will be doing

* Working in an agile environment cooperating with Product Managers and business stakeholders to design, develop and build new and innovative solutions that would remove some of the legacy dependency
* Working closely with DevOps to establish an independent continuous integration and deployment approach for these new services
* Bouncing off design ideas among team members to achieve a scalable solution
* Performing the role of a design authority within the team with the ability to perform peer reviews and providing constructive improvements/feedback
* Mentoring the junior and graduate engineers within the team on best practices
* Working with the wider engineering team to influence new technology, methods and frameworks
* Applying best engineering practices with other team members, and maintain code quality across applications
* Leading and influencing team members on technical decisions and design
* Introducing new technology, methods and frameworks to the software development organisation
* Liaising with other agile teams to unblock issues and get things delivered
* Ensuring suitable testing is planned and executed


* Hadoop/HDFS
* Spark
* Python
* Spring framework
* Java
* Hive


* Degree in computer science or other technical programme with exposure to programming
* Sound software development experience in a technology organisation with history of delivering at least 7 or more software systems and platforms
* Experience implementing scalable software systems and platforms
* Experience with software optimisation
* Expert knowledge in building REST APIs
* Exceptional problem solving skills
* Familiarity with the workings of retail back end systems

The Team

Behind every great retailer is an ultra-efficient supply chain that ensures that our customers can get the products they want, when they want it, and where they want it. Imagine what that entails at Argos, with over 50,000 products, 900 stores and an intricate home delivery network that covers the whole of the UK and Ireland (and right out to the Outer Hebrides!).

But there’s more to it than meets the eye – inefficient supply chains not only mean that we can’t get our customers what they want, but that we also spend more money housing the wrong stock in the wrong locations. So, it’s about making sure that we’re efficient; not too much, not too little, just right… Simple, right?!

Wrong. This is mind-bogglingly complicated. How do we know what Customer A wants? They got an out of stock message when they were looking for red kettle on the mobile app, but then later they came back and bought a blue kettle in a store – what does that mean? Did they want the red kettle or the blue kettle? Was our stock in the wrong place? We can’t stock all 50,000 products in each of our stores, so which ones do we stock in which stores? A customer might need a kettle immediately (you can’t be without a cuppa for more than 30 seconds), but they might be willing to wait for that USB stick to be delivered from somewhere else… HELP!

Enter Big Data, Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics. As part of the Forecasting & Replenishment team you’ll be getting to grips with cutting edge, advanced technologies that help us determine what our customers want. We need to know which products to stock in which stores. Then we need to know how much of each product to stock in stores. And finally, we need to execute against that to make sure that those blue Argos lorries are full, and taking the right stock, to the right locations, at the right times.

As a senior engineer you’ll get to be a technology leader and help set technical direction, making key technology decisions as we go and bringing engineering colleagues along with you. Although we’re looking for technical leadership, we don’t expect our engineers at any level to manage other colleagues leaving you free to focus on the technology. In addition you’ll have a supportive, technically-minded development manager who is just as interested in the technology as you are.

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