Software Development Engineer

Argos is making exciting changes to its technology platform from a monolithic architecture based on big servers, big packages and a mainframe, to microservices, based on Java, React.js and Cloud computing. We need a solid, well tested code base to accelerate our Agile innovation and this role is key to providing that in our new landscape.

As a Software Engineer working on tech stack transformation you will be pivotal in helping Argos build new services using modern technologies. You will have an understanding of how our existing technology supports the business now, as well as ensuring we can continue to delight customers using our existing technology until the new technology is ready for them.

What you’ll be doing

* Working within a SCRUM development team, you will be defining and sizing backlog user stories for activities across mainframe platform and Java functional teams (but not at the same time!)
* Undertaking business as usual development on all aspects of engineering, from older COBOL applications through to building their replacements in new, modern technologies
* Contributing to strategic projects, including migration away from older environments to those that are more modern
* Working within the mainframe team and across other teams to help deliver a centre of excellence for all key data management applications, programs and systems
* Contributing to efforts to define a best practice strategy for continuous delivery techniques and automated testing* Maintaining and monitoring quality of code, test procedures and delivery

What you’ll be using

* Java
* Node.js
* Spring

What we’d like you to have

* Degree in computer science or other technical programme with exposure to programming
* Experience of Mainframe development in COBOL, using DB2 & CICS, ideally with experience of the Compuware toolset
* Experience of systems development in Java (preferably Java 7 and later)
* Knowledge of modern dev ops practices, continuous integration\delivery and Jenkins
* Knowledge of containerisation and orchestration, preferably using Docker
* Knowledge of Apache Mesos
* Experience of working with middleware/message queue environments, especially Kafka and/or IBM Websphere MQ
* Experience of Spring frameworks, Spring cloud and Spring Boot
* Working knowledge of microservice environments and HTTP RESTtful interfaces
* Working knowledge of working within a Linux virtualised environment
* Knowledge of AWS


The imagining, building, operating and evolving of great technology is the engine of growth for Argos.

Argos Technology is behind the website (900million visits per year), Apps (6million downloads), the supply chain and distribution (same day delivery). We are the engine making everything work; solving problems and building software, fast, with the aim of creating unrivalled user experience for our customers. We’re looking for engineers with a strong belief in agile delivery, who believe in fully testable and maintainable code. You need to have a curious mind and always looking for opportunities to improve solutions, process, yourself.

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