Senior UI Developer

UI Software Developer - Reactjs

As a UI Developer for Argos you will be pushing cutting-edge code on the UK’s 2nd largest retail website.

What you will be doing

* Building the new responsive UI for in store devices at Argos

* Applying best UI engineering practices with other team members, using merge requests to maintain code quality across teams.

* Working in an agile environment cooperating with Product and UX to produce an excellent, user friendly experience.

* Discussing and developing skills with other UI team members at the fortnightly UI developer meetings

* Continuous integration on the platform

How will you be doing this?

* React
* Fluxible (with the intention to migrate to Redux)
* CSS & Sass
* TDD/BDD (CucumberJS, Jasmine & Chai, JSX unit testing)
* Webpack
* NPM task management
* Git
* Jenkins

Experience & Skills

* Preferably a degree in Computer Science or Software Engineering

* At least 5 years of javascript commercial experience. Preferably 6 months or more of React. Value functional programming concepts

* Experience in processing pull requests and keeping up standards

* Experience in testing web applications, both Unit and Functional

* Ideally you have a github presence and open source contributions

* Experience working in a retail environment


The imagining, building, operating and evolving of great technology is the engine of growth for Argos.

Argos Technology is responsible for the website, Apps (6million downloads and counting), the supply chain and distribution (same day delivery). We are the engine making everything work; solving problems, building software, fast, with the aim of creating unrivalled user experience for our customers. We’re looking for engineers with a strong belief in agile delivery, who believe in fully testable and maintainable code.

Argos is changing it's technology platform from a monolithic architecture to microservices, based on Java, React.js and Cloud computing. We need a solid, well tested code base to accelerate our Agile innovation and this role is key to providing that in our new landscape.

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