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DevOps Engineer

Senior DevOps Engineer

Argos Technology is behind the website (900million visits per year), Apps (6million downloads) and the supply chain and distribution (same day delivery). We are the engine making everything work; solving problems, building software, fast, with the aim of creating unrivalled user experience.

Working in an agile environment, you deliver rapid and responsive solutions. Your creativity will be encouraged at every turn. As well as team hack days, you’ll have 8 hours each month to develop your own technical abilities as you see fit.

We are looking for an excellent DevOps engineer who is passionate about automation and continuous innovation. You will play a key role in improving the automated application deployment lifecycle for software releases across the enterprise for multiple applications across the various Portfolios.

What you will be doing

Improving the automated application deployment lifecycle for software releases across the enterprise for multiple applications across the various Portfolios.

Implementing and managing build pipeline and processes for the progression of code into the development and test environments.

Working collaboratively with all participants in software development projects and being supportive of developers and testers as they set up their build dev/test environments. This position also works with wider digital development community to improve the software engineering processes and practices associated with continuously building, deploying, and updating software and environments.

Helping defining the software and platform architecture for the new world we’re building.

You will be part of a talented and motivated team.


Automate the release of our applications by extending the current framework to reduce the time to market of our applications.

Design and develop the environment configuration system to enable the platform to be deployed into various environments.

Employ ‘best practices’ for implementations of new technology

Highlight risks and resolve issues that affect delivery and quality

What we have worked on recently

Production-ready environments running microservices and UI (Docker containers embedding Java services and NodeJS/React/Fluxible frontends) in AWS using ECS, RDS

Continuous delivery consulting for the dev teams in order for them to build a sustainable delivery pipeline

Azure and on-premise Mesos cluster with Marathon and Chronos (using DC/OS). Still work in progress though.

What a day in the office might look like

"Walk in to the office.

Open laptop your choice Linux, Mac or Windows, check monitors and emails or slack, review yesterday’s tasks and plan today’s.

Headphones on and start coding/fixing/deploying.

Stand-up time…

Coffee time…

Feature almost done,

Lunch break with colleagues.

Coming back it’s all looking good, interacting with the dev teams about architecture and platforms

Contribute and create the new world

Ready for passing and explaining the new feature to the teams"

Experience & Skills

Significant experience (5+ years) with

Configuration management tools (Ansible, Chef, Puppet, …)

Automated builds (Maven/Gradle) and Continuous integration tools (Git, Jenkins)

Continuous delivery (automated acceptance/performance/security tests, delivery pipelines)

Development experience (Java, NodeJS, …)

Experience with Microservices based architecture

Ability to create production-ready environments:

Linux administration with shell scripting

Docker expertise

Cloud environments (AWS / Azure / On-premise)

Cluster O/S and Frameworks (DC/OS, Mesos, Marathon, …)

Monitoring and alerting (ElasticSearch/Logstash/Kibana, Datadog, …)

Ideally you have a github presence and open source contributions.

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